Big Visions Books: Nikki Hind - Dressed for Success (Pre-order)

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Please note this book can currently be pre-ordered and will be launched in September.

Meet Nikki Hind, the blind fashion designer with her own fashion label. When she was growing up, Nikki couldn't see out of her left eye. That didn't stop her from dressing-up and making her own clothes though.

When she put on different outfits, she could be anyone. After a stroke during her pregnancy took away Nikki's vision in her right eye, she decided to pursue a career doing what she had always loved: designing. Nikki started her own fashion label, Blind Grit and now, Nikki's label is shown at Melbourne Fashion Week and employs people with disabilities and challenges.

A new series published by Vision Australia in partnership with Berbay Introducing Big Visions Books.

Each biography is about an Australian hero living with blindness or low vision. These might not be people whose names you know, but you'll remember their stories.

"This series of wonderful books is a great way for us to spread that message and help future generations throw of the misconceptions and expectations placed on them by society." 
- Vision Australia CEO, Ron Hooton.


Each book:

  • Features an Australian hero
  • Champions resilience
  • Encourages inclusion
  • Shows Innovation
  • Has literary credibility
  • The braille in this book is printed using UV printing. If you would like an embossed copy to complement your purchase please email [email protected].


  • Each story is inspiring and are intended to prompt conversation about what it means to preserve and to help reader develop social and emotional literacy skills
  • These books are about every child seeing him or herself in the story and consequently imagining what is possible
  • Each book is printed with Braille alongside printed text, which will prompt teachers and parents/carers to talk to about the different ways we can read and learn
  • These books are written by a CBCA award-winning author who conducted interviews with each of the biography subjects

Achieving Goals

Big Visions is a book series, aimed at children who are blind or have low vision. Each book features an Australian hero, who champions resilience and encourages inclusion. These books aim to inspire a child to live the life they choose, by dispelling the misconceptions and expectation placed on them by society.

Further Information

  • Also available in other alternative formats: audio and electronic
  • Extent 40pp text (self-ends)
  • Nikki Hind - Dressed for Success 
    ISBN 978-0-6455584-0-1 
    Publishing month September 2023


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