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Woman standing on a boat wearing the IrisVision Inspire

Introducing the IrisVision Inspire

Bring life back into focus.

The IrisVision Inspire is a new wearable magnifier designed to complete your tasks at varying distances. With 6 viewing modes, 5 reading modes, and the ability to stream off of YouTube with a Wi-Fi connection, the IrisVision Inspire will enhance your independence and the quality of your life.

Don’t miss out, purchase your IrisVision Inspire now 

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  • Diabetic Retinopathy

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  3. 10-inch Digital Clock with 30 Alarm Reminders
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  4. All Terrain Cane
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Grace hitting a ball on a tennis court

Meet Grace on Court

Read the story of Grace Hobbs, and discover why Blind and Low Vision Tennis is a fast-growing sport.

Read about Grace  

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Reading a book with the Orcam Read Smart

The Future of Reading: OrCam Read Smart

The OrCam Read Smart puts the power of reading at your fingertips. It is wireless, lightweight and pen-sized for your convenience. Equipped with a 13-megapixel camera, the OrCam Read Smart is designed to make reading effortless.

Purchase your OrCam Read Smart here 

Talking Tech podcasts

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Talking Tech 20 February

Latest news updates from the Vision store. Also, David’s most used sonar type devices for obstacle detection.

Talking Tech 13 February

David talks about the All Terrain Cane, we also look at all of the other tech trends that are important to us now and moving forward.

Talking Tech 6 February

David talks about the SensePlayer OCR, available from Vision Store. And more on the Apple Vision Pro's accessibility features.

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