Talking Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs approved
  • NDIS consumable approved

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This talking blood pressure monitor announces all readings and instructions at the touch of a button. This information is also displayed on a large monitor in easy-to-see big font. Therefore, making it ideal for people who are blind or have low vision to use.


  • Equipped with innovations in cuff design, inflation, and deflation (Triple A Technology)
  • Smooth fit latex free and metal free cuff – suits upper arms between 22-32cm
  • Irregular heartbeat detection (IHB) indicator with averaging
  • 90-memory + average reading (All/AM/PM)
  • TriCheck measurement feature (takes 3 readings and reports average)
  • Reading and instructions given verbally in English, French or Spanish
  • Clock, time, and date stamp
  • Cuff fit error indicator
  • Movement error indicator
  • Manual inflation pressure setting


  • The in-built clock gives you the time and date and can tell you when a blood pressure reading stored in memory was taken.
  • You can increase volume through six levels or switch on silent mode if required.
  • To speed up readings, users can preset pressure levels or set them to automatic.
  • Provides a snapshot of the user’s blood pressure classification according to World Health Organisation guidelines.
  • Alerts the user to the presence of irregular heartbeat while still providing an accurate reading.
  • Alerts the user to the most common problems while monitoring and helps to avoid them.
  • Seamless conforming cuff to take the pain out of monitoring.

Technical Specifications

  • Model – UA1030T
  • Type – Oscillometric
  • Display – Digital character height, Pressure (20nm)/Pulse (11.5nm) displayed simultaneously
  • Memory – 90 readings
  • Measurement range – Pressure: 0-299 mmHg, Systolic pressure: 60-279 mmHg Diastolic pressure: 40-200 mmHg and Pulse 40-180 beats per minute
  • Accuracy – Pressure ± 3mmHG or ± 2%, whichever is greater, Pulse ± 5%
  • Power source – 4x AA batteries included
  • Recommended operating environment – 10oC to 40oC, less than 85% humidity
  • Recommended storage environment – -20oC to 60oC, less than 95% humidity
  • Weight – 285g (without batteries)

Please note

  • Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for use with this blood pressure monitor.
  • AC adapter is not provided with the Australian model.
  • If your arm circumference is greater than 37cm, you will need to purchase a different size cuff than the one that is included.
  • Using the correct cuff size is important for an accurate reading – large cuffs (ES7603) for upper arms between 32-45cm are available for purchase.

Achieving Goals

For many individuals, blood pressure readings taken in a medical clinic or hospital setting might be elevated because of apprehension and anxiety. This response is known as “white coat hypertension.” This talking blood pressure monitor enables people with blindness and low vision to take self-measurements at home, which supplements the readings in your medical clinic or hospital setting. This provides a more accurate, complete blood pressure history.

This product is most suited for people who are blind or have low vision and require a blood pressure monitor that announces all readings and instructions and displays this information on a large monitor in easy-to-see big font.


Package dimensions
  • Length22 cm

  • Width18 cm

  • Height10 cm

  • Weight1 kg


  • Warranty3 Years

  • Powered (No / Battery / Electrical)Battery

  • Returnable (Yes / No)No

  • Training recommended (Yes / No)No

1x UA-1030T blood pressure monitor
1x cuff (suits upper arms between 22-32cm)
1x carrying case
4x AA batteries included

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Product demonstration of the talking blood pressure monitor

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