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Stellar Trek – Leading the way in orientation and mobility (O&M)

The Stellar Trek is a digital O&M assistant that features GPS technology, an integrated optical sensor and artificial intelligence for text recognition and a user-friendly tactile interface with buttons to guide you along your chosen route using voice commands..


  • A dedicated stand-alone GPS system using text-to-speech
  • User-friendly tactile interface
  • Navigate to your desired location by using either the virtual keyboard, a physical keyboard or voice dictation
  • GPS navigation offered – walking and vehicle travel
  • Get a more accurate final 12m navigation with address recognition
  • Read labels, signs, mail etc with the integrated OCR camera system using quick or detailed reading
  • Save your favourite destinations or obstacles on common routes by using landmarks
  • All day battery life – 20+ hours


  • Dedicated stand-alone GPS device that is not reliant on a smart phone
  • Designed to help you travel independently and accomplish daily living tasks
  • The integrated optical sensor and artificial intelligence – ability to locate and recognise street addresses, doors and entrances
  • Its cameras offer text recognition capability in 14 languages – e.g. street names, receipts or nutritional values of food labels
  • It provides audio and voice guidance to the last 12m of your destination
  • Bluetooth connectivity – connect a keyboard so you can type in an address more easily or the SHOKZ bone conducting headphones to listen to the navigation instructions without compromising on your safety
  • The L5 radio band will allow more precise positioning – this means land mark an actual entrance to an address, rather than the whole address

Achieving Goals

This product is most suitable for people who are blind or have low vision that require a standalone GPS navigation device, allowing them to travel safely, independently and accurately. This is a secondary mobility aid to a dog guide or mobility cane.

The Stellar Trek improves accessibility, mobility and autonomy to the user. It empowers the user to travel around independently and enables them to participate in community related activities. This device promotes social inclusion, mental health and well-being.


Product Dimensions
  • Length14.05 cm

  • Width6.15 cm

  • Height2.7 cm

Package dimensions
  • Weight0.7 kg


  • Warranty1 Year

  • Powered (No / Battery / Electrical)Battery

  • Returnable (Yes / No)Yes

  • Training recommended (Yes / No)Yes

1x Stella Trek device 
1x hand strap/lanyard 
1x belt clip 
1x power adaptor 
1x long USA A to USB C cable 
1x getting started guide (English/French)

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Demo video for the Stellar Trek

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