Gripper jar opener with handle

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  • NDIS consumable approved

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The Jar Opener takes on the tough task of gripping jars and lids - all you need to do is twist.


  • Simply place the gripper over your jar lid, rotate the turn-knob clockwise to tighten the jaws onto the lid; the tool will lock into place. It will stay locked on the lid and won't let go.

  • While holding the jar or bottle securely, grasp the handle and push counter-clockwise to open. Then just loosen the turn-knob to release the lid.

  • Works on smooth-sided and grooved lids and caps.

  • Easy clean.

  • Colour is white.

  • Domestic use only.


  • This jar opener grips onto most jar lids or caps.

  • An easy way to open jars.

  • This jar opener has a large handle that allows you to open the lid with ease, thanks to the leverage effect.

  • This product is particularly useful for people with limited dexterity.

  • Works on smooth-sided and grooved caps.

Open any jar with easy using this tool.


Product Dimensions
  • Length24 cm

  • Width12.8 cm

  • Height5.7 cm

Package dimensions
  • Length30 cm

  • Width16 cm

  • Height4 cm

  • Weight0.18 kg


  • MaterialHandle: Plastic
    Blade: stainless steel

  • Powered (No / Battery / Electrical)No

  • Returnable (Yes / No)No

  • Training recommended (Yes / No)No

1 x Jar opener

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Product demonstration of the gripper jar opener

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