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A yellow foam tennis ball, with a rattling sound device in the center and low bounce.

Blind Tennis started in Japan by the inventor of the game, Mr Takei Miyoshi. Since its inception in 1984, Blind Tennis is now one of the fastest growing, challenging and popular sports available for people with sight loss to participate in.


  • Are handmade and are large and a lot softer than the balls used in sighted tennis.
  • Made of foam with a small plastic ball inserted inside, which is filled with ball bearings that make the ball audible
  • Available in either yellow or black


  • The size and audio cues from these balls are one of the key modifications from sighted tennis, which enable a player who is blind or have low vision to play Blind Tennis
  • Colour of the ball is chosen to best suit the contrast of the tennis court and background and also the players eye condition

Achieving Goals

Blind Tennis has provided opportunities for many people who are blind or have low vision to enjoy recreational and competitive tennis. It is more inclusive and allows you to socialise and meet new people, whilst having fun and staying active.

Further information

Disclaimer: Products are sold separately and come in either yellow or black design.

  • Weight 35grams
  • These audible tennis balls, from Shoei Industry Co Ltd in Japan are the only official balls used by the International Blind Tennis Association
  • The key modifications of Blind Tennis from sighted tennis are:
    the ball, smaller court area, a lower net, shorter racquet and the number of bounces allowed (depending on your VI classification). The players must say ready yes and play before each point.


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  • Weight0.05 kg


  • Warranty1 Year

  • Powered (No / Battery / Electrical)No

  • Returnable (Yes / No)Yes

  • Training recommended (Yes / No)Yes

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