Vision Australia Talking Microwave

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  • Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs approved

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The Vision Australia Talking Microwave is the perfect tool for making those everyday meals more simple. Includes tactile controls with excellent contrast of white on black and features LED displays which show the time remaining, therefore suitable for the whole family.


  • Fully talking microwave oven so the whole family can use it.

  • All functions spoken in a clear male voice.

  • Easy to use in three steps, set power, time and press START.

  • There are five modes available, low mode is 90W, defrost mode is 270W, medium mode is 450W, medium to high mode is 630W and high mode is 900W.

  • Adjustable volume with 15 levels so you can use it either during the day or at night.

  • Silver coloured on the outside with a black door and LED panel, the simple yet contemporary design will suit most modern kitchens.

  • Announces power and time as you set them.

  • The microwave will alert you to the cooking time remaining (every 10 seconds if the time is less than a minute; every 30 seconds if time remaining is more than a minute; and a countdown when only 10 seconds remain) and tell you when the time is completed.

  • The time remaining is displayed on an LED display.

  • On opening the door, it will say a door open, beware hot contents. The microwave will also tell you when the door is closed.


  • There are no complicated menus or features. You just select the cooking power, the minutes and the seconds and press Start to cook.

  • Use the Power mode button (this is the only button without tactile dots and has the letter P printed next to it) to choose cooking power.

  • Set the time using the minutes button (the letter M is printed next to it and the button has a single tactile dot for identification), and the seconds button (found below the minutes button, printed with an S and with two tactile dots).

  • Below these, there is a rotary dial to adjust the volume (choose from 15 levels, the microwave will announce the volume level as you rotate the dial). Press the dial to start cooking (press and hold the dial to reset the microwave). The dial has a V printed next to it and the words START, RESET raised on it.

  • You can pause any cooking or defrost cycle by pressing the START rotary dial. To restart the cycle, just press the START dial again.

This product is simple, easy to use and effective in numerous ways. The Vision Australia Talking Microwave with tactile buttons has been developed to be very easy to use. It's perfect, whether you're defrosting meat, heating soup or poaching an egg. It is fully talking with adjustable volume and for simplicity, there are only four controls.

Please note
The exterior of the microwave has a protective film covering to protect it whilst being transported. This film must be removed before it is plugged into the mains. Sighted assistance might be required to do this. Once this protective film has been removed, the microwave will not be returnable unless faulty. Requires 220-240V and is not for use in the US.


Product Dimensions
  • Length51 cm

  • Width32 cm

  • Height37 cm

Package dimensions
  • Length60 cm

  • Width60 cm

  • Height50 cm

  • Weight17 kg

More product information

  • MaterialStainless steel

  • Warranty2 Years

  • Powered (No / Battery / Electrical)Electrical

  • Returnable (Yes / No)Yes

  • Training recommended (Yes / No)Yes

1 x Microwave

Inside the microwave:
1 x Instruction booklet
1 x Glass turntable
1 x Rotating turntable ring

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