Talking Kitchen Scale & Measuring Jug Set

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  • Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs approved
  • NDIS consumable approved

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Talking Kitchen Scale & Easy-to-see Measuring Jug Set, as some people find talking scales useful, whereas others prefer balance scales with weights on the side. The scale can be used with or without the jug.


Modern set of talking scales.

Easy-to-see measuring jug with bold marking.

Easy-grip handle.

The scales speak with a clear English male voice.

Easy to operate with tactile buttons and a large, clear LCD display.

Measure weights or liquids as needed with an overall capacity of 5 kilograms or 1300 millilitres.

Announces weight in kilograms/grams or pounds/ounces.

Announces liquid volume in millilitres.

Capacity 5 kilograms or 1300 millilitres.


Modern talking kitchen scales with an easy-to-see talking measuring jug.

Loud, clear, English male voice.

Large LCD display and easy to operate tactile buttons.

The jug has bold markings and an easy-grip handle.

Consider recipes that use cups or spoons as units of measurements or purchase a talking measuring jug. Alternatively, you can adapt a standard measuring jug with seed beads glued on to the inside at various levels (100 millilitres, 200 millilitres and so on). If so, use a heat resistant, non toxic glue such as Araldite.

Please note

Requires 2 AAA batteries, which are not included.


Product Dimensions
  • Length24 cm

  • Width16 cm

  • Height10 cm

Package dimensions
  • Length25 cm

  • Width18 cm

  • Height20 cm

  • Weight0.9 kg


  • MaterialPlastic surface on scale
    Rubber handle on jug

  • Warranty1 Year

  • Powered (No / Battery / Electrical)Battery

  • Returnable (Yes / No)No

  • Training recommended (Yes / No)No

1 x Measuring jug
1 x Kitchen scale
1 x Instructions

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Product demonstration of the talking kitchen scale and easy-to-see measuring jug set

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