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OrCam MyEye

Orcam MyEye
$5,950.00 (incl GST)
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Regain your independence with the world’s most advanced wearable artificial vision device: OrCam MyEye

Activated by a simple, intuitive gesture by pointing your finger or pressing a single button; The OrCam MyEye makes newspapers, books, computer and smartphone screens, restaurant menus, labels on supermarket products and street signs accessible in real time without the assistance of others. The OrCam My Eye can memorise up to 150 of your favourite products that you may find at your local supermarket, or even personal items such as health or membership cards that you will find in your pocket!

The OrCam My Eye can also help you recognise your friends and family around you at any place, anywhere. This is by using facial recognition technology. The OrCam My Eye can be set to recognise up to 100 people.

OrCam My Eye; not only getting your independence back, but also your privacy and confidence too.

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Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Paypal accepted.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Paypal accepted.

  • The OrCam My Eye doesn't store 'pictures', it breaks the image down to code; breaking the visual information into spoken word. Thus it can instantly draw information from it's database to read or identify products, objects and people.
  • The OrCam My Eye is best suited for those who are blind or have very low vision.
  • This device can be used by all age groups, whether it's for a child in school or somebody who has retired.
  • The device doesn't connect to the internet thus it can be used in a remote area. 
  • The device is designed to be light and discreet; it sits nicely on the corner of your glasses so that it will see in the direction you are facing.


"The OrCam, has changed my life so incredibly that I would like to let you know how it has given me a level of independence that l have never had before. I feel like a door has opened up in my life, where I now can go out into the community and be self reliant. For the first time, I can read a street sign, a menu, items in the grocery store, bus numbers, shop signs, magazines while I'm a train, and the list goes on and on, with the help of the OrCam.

I cannot give enough praise and recognition in the extraordinary improvement having the OrCam has made to both myself and my family."

OrCam MyEye user Vision Australia Client


"It's about getting a bit of privacy back, I can read all my letters with personal medical details myself rather than relying on others."

OrCam MyEye user Sarah Matthews


"An easy, unobtrusive fit on any eyeglass frame, OrCam’s breakthrough conversion of visual information into the spoken word enables you to instantly and discreetly read text, recognize faces, as well as identify products and money notes. OrCam is an assistive device whose support is very convenient, discreet and simple to operate. It relaxes you, makes you feel safer. You experience less tension. OrCam gives information, leading to self-reliance.” 

OrCam user Allan Mabert

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