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Explore 8

Explore 8
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The Explore 8 is the first 8-inch handheld magnifier on the market. It is a portable CCTV. A superb tool for enlarging printed pages, it also helps mild to medium-severe low vision users to read store signs by simply flipping the camera at the back of the device. Your life just got a whole lot easier... and better.

The explore 8 is designed for active people with mild to medium-severe low vision who would prefer a larger screen but still want maximum portability. Its large screen is comfortable to read and its rugged aluminum stand makes it easy to manipulate over newspapers and other documents. The device's far distance view can also help users see writing on outdoor signs or posts, or can simply help locate small items on the kitchen table.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Paypal accepted.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Paypal accepted.


    ·         Explore 8 electronic
    magnifier (Weight: 1.30 lbs – 20.8 oz (580 g)

    ·         USB Charger

    ·         USB Cable

    ·         HDMI cable

    ·         User manual ( English
    and Spanish)

    ·         Warranty Info ( in 7

    ·         Protective case

    ·         LCD Protector

    ·         Cleaning Cloth 

    • Intuitive touchscreen
    • Easy to use with few buttons
    • Customizable features like preferred zoom level settings
    • Automatic toggle to switch easily between desktop and distance viewing
    • Rubberized grip to hold the device
    • Solid reading stand that sets up quickly and easily
    • Elegant, streamlined design
    • Compact and lightweight for life on the go
    • HDMI compatible
    • Fully customizable functions
    • Easily transfer images to and from a computer
    • USB C-type quick charge
    • Can be connected easily to a large screen TV
    • LED lights power off when device is raised
    • Auto shutoff after 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes
    • Battery life : 4.5 hours

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