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Cobolt Talking Convection Microwave Oven (Australian)

Cobolt Talking Convection Microwave Oven (Australian)
$850.00 (incl Tax)
Product code: ES7253

This convection microwave oven is easy to use!

Imported and converted to Australian standards. This talking microwave also includes a radiant glass element for the convection oven and grill. Use separately or in various combinations to achieve the best and most flexible cooking arrangements giving you independence in the kitchen, cooking up a storm. 


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    Further info


    The Microwave is 900 watts, the Grill is 1150 watts, the Combination is 2400 watts and the Convection is 800 watts.

    Press the timer button to hear the remaining time announced

    Multiple pre-programmed functions e.g. jacket potato, fish, roasting etc
    Save 3 favourite cooking programmes

    Lead length: 1 metre approximately (39" approx)
    External size: H322 x L515 x W500mm (12.7” x 20.3” x 19.7”)
    Weight: 21kg (46.3lbs)

    Product benefits

    There are numerous pre-programmed functions for cooking specific foods such as jacket potato, fish, vegetables, pasta and so on as well as a number of roasting programs. The weight of the item to be cooked is entered on the keypad and the oven automatically uses a combination of microwave, convection and grill for best results. The oven speaks all cooking and programme information. Up to 3 cooking programmes can be stored on the 3 favourite buttons so favourite cooking routines are available at the touch of a button. The oven has a rugged stainless steel interior and the buttons provide a tactile feedback.

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