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Big button cordless phone

Big button cordless phone
$159.01 (incl Tax)
Product code: ES6504

Big button cordless phone for your landline. It features talking menu, amplified receiver, large easy to see buttons and screen and hands free speaker phone function.

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    Further info

    • Hearing aid compatible.
    • The layout of the buttons is logical and therefore relatively easy to work out by touch alone.
    • A very loud ringer that is adjustable.
    • Up to 50 names and phone numbers can be stored.
    • Sits in the cradle well.
    • Changing batteries is straightforward.
    • Handy to have the 3 short cut memory buttons at the top of the handset.

    Product benefits

    • Large numbered buttons with high contrast numbers.
    • Announces the number of the button you are pressing when dialing.
    • Voice of the talking menu is clear and easy to understand.
    • The instructions that are announced are clear but there is no function in settings to switch this off when you know what these.
    • Talking menu announces names that are stored in the phone book but please note it spells them rather than says them.
    • Can adjust volume of talking menu voice using side volume up/down buttons. However, it would be helpful if the voice gave graded settings of the volume, for example, 90%, 80% and so on, so that you know where you are in terms of the volume.

    Points to consider

    The Talking menu feature is lacking some features that would make it more beneficial:

    • When entering a new name in phone book it does not announce the letters when you are backspacing or when you are moving the cursor left or right.
    • There is no menu option to customise the talking menu feature such as adjusting its volume, its speed, pitch or how much of the menu it announces.
    • It requires a Silence button as the voice can be annoying to someone who knows the instructions or who is sighted and not relying on talking menu features.
    • The print on the green LCD display is still small for people who have low vision. It would be better if the letters of the words in the menu or phonebook were larger (e.g. 20 point font size).
    • The contrast of the display is low and the 5 settings of contrast do little to enhance visibility of the print on the screen.
    • The longest the display backlight can last is 30 seconds. It would be beneficial if there was an Unlimited option.
    • Names in the phonebook are displayed in all upper case only. You cannot change the font to be lower case which is easier to read.
    • Cheaper models are available but not as packed with features suitable to people who have low vision as this model is.

    Helpful hints

    • Buttons beep when the talking menu (voice prompting) feature is switched off. You may need sighted assistance to switch talking menu / voice prompting back on.

    Product comparison

    • Talking buttons and menus make this easier to use particularly by someone who is blind.
    • The Uniden cordless phone has this talking feature and is cheaper.
    • The buttons of the Uniden are not as large or high contrasting as this Oricom phone.

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