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Reading and Writing

Reading and writing can be challenging when you're blind or visually impaired. That's why we've got a great choice of products designed to make reading and writing easy. Do you ever struggle to locate where you need to sign your signature on a document? Or do you need guidance when writing a letter? We have just the solution! View some of our helpful reading and writing products now.

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Braille Abacus
$45.00 (incl GST)
Wikki Stix Numbers and Counting
$31.00 (incl GST)
A4 superior writing guide
$8.00 (incl GST)
Black Aluminium Bookstand
$20.00 (incl GST)
DK Braille Book - Shapes
$30.00 (incl GST)
Geometry mat - large, rubber
$40.00 (incl GST)
Posture rite lap desk
$80.00 (incl GST)
Sam the Seeing Eye Dog (Braille version)
Out of stock
$10.00 (incl GST)
Simulation Glasses - Cataracts 20 pack
Low stock
$30.00 (incl GST)
Spiral Bound Teledex
$20.00 (incl GST)
ZY Paper A3 (100 per pack)
$4.65 (incl GST)