Product demonstration - Uccello kettle - Video transcript

Welcome from the vision store, introducing the Uccello kettle available in the colors of black and white or red and white. This is a 1.5 litre capacity kettle that tilts while you pour so you don't have to lift strain or balance a heavy kettle. There are three main parts of this device. First the cradle which holds the kettle and tilts down allowing you to pour boiled water without the need to lift the kettle. The base of the cradle is sturdy with non-slip feet. The kettle has an open lid button located at the top of the spout, and the water level indicator on the side. There is also a tactile power switch on the other side. The kettle handle is also ergonomically designed for easy lifting and pouring. The last component is the Uccello grip mat that sits at the front of the feet of the kettle. It can be used as a position locator for your cup when pouring from your Uccello kettle. To fill your kettle with water you can detach the kettle from the cradle or simply open the lid and fill with a jug of water. For those with limited vision who cannot identify the water level indicator. One strategy is to completely empty the kettle and fill with a 1.5 litre measuring jug, or six cups of water to ensure that you don't overfill. Please note the lid has a lovely big opening for you to do this. Ensure that the lid is firmly in place before connecting the power cord to the outlet. As you can hear this is a quiet boil when in use for a safe and easy pour. Insert the Uccello grip mat at the front feet of the kettle, insert your mug in the centre of the mat and position the handle of the mug against the front of the kettle. This will align your mug to ensure the boiling water directly pours into the mug. Please take your hands away from the mug for additional safety. Let me give you four additional tips for safely pouring boiling water. Firstly, practice with cold water this will help familiarize the direction and rate of the water being poured. Secondly, use the same mug as this will assist with the correct placement and positioning. Tip 3 use a liquid level sensor to assist you identify the water level and know when to stop pouring and tip four use colour contrast when selecting your mug to drink. The Uccello kettle has been designed for those with limited reach mobility dexterity visibility and strength this ergonomically designed kettle and tipper provides greater independence for people with restricted strength mobility and for those people who are blind or have low vision thank you for listening today. Vision Australia blindness low vision, opportunity. Vision Australia logo three navy blue, ovals linked together diagonally within a bright yellow rectangle.