IrisVision is now available at Vision Australia


If you are interested in the IrisVision Request a callback today and one of our friendly staff will happily ring you back to to arrange an appointment. 

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The IrisVision

A wearable Low Vision Aid

The IrisVision has powerful magnification capabilities for people with low vision. It combines revolutionary, state-of-the art virtual reality technology from Samsung and innovative proprietary software developed by IrisVision. The IrisVision restores your independence by allowing you to perform the following tasks. 

See the People You Love
See your wife. Your daughter. Your grandson. With IrisVision, you’ll see clearly the people you love, and who love you.



Enjoy Your Hobbies
With IrisVision, you can resume hobbies that you may have had to set aside long ago. Cooking, crosswords, sports, gardening — they’re all possible once again.



Read With Ease
Read a favorite book, a recipe or the Sunday paper. IrisVision will display the text for you in large, high-contrast font. Or, if you like, IrisVision can even read it aloud.



See What You Write
Whether you’re filling out a form, addressing an envelope, or completing a crossword puzzle, IrisVision makes it easy to see exactly what you’re writing.



Get Outdoors
IrisVision constantly monitors how bright things are and maintains a comfortable level of light for you, whether you’re outdoors in the sunlight or on a rainy winter afternoon. And IrisVision features an extra-wide field of view, giving you the clearest picture possible of the world around you.



Watch a Movie or TV Show
IrisVision makes it easy to watch everything from Netflix to the evening news — even in a dark room.



Extra-Wide Field of View
IrisVision provides a 70 degree field of view – wider than any low vision device on the market. Experience brighter image that focuses automatically, and zoom in with confidence up to 12 times. 



Easy to use — and to customize
We’ve made IrisVision incredibly easy to use. Our support team can work with you to customize IrisVision to work exactly as you need.

Person using IrisVision


Read with Ease
Read a magazine, a menu, a recipe or your local newspaper. With IrisReader, our advanced OCR (optical character recognition) will scan text and read it aloud. IrisVision will display this text on its screen in large, high-contrast font for easier reading.

Read with Ease


Use Voice Commands with Google Assistant
IrisVision now comes with your own personal assistant. Double tap on the touchpad to tell IrisVision what you want it to do, such as “take a photo” or “reduce brightness.” 

Man using IrisVision


Stream YouTube Videos
Our new video player enables you to stream online videos when on WiFi. The video player features voice-enabled search, so you can easily find, play, pause and even magnify videos as you are watching.

Stream YouTube Videos


Take and Save Photos in your Photo Gallery
Take pictures and save them for later with IrisVision’s Photo Gallery.