Braille Teaching Cube Keyring

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  • NDIS consumable eligible

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Whether you are learning braille for yourself or to support someone else, this braille keyring is a fun way to start.


  • The yellow cuboid is made up of three rotating blocks with raised black dots and indented dots for the blank part of the six dot braille cell.

  • Swivel any of the blocks to form a braille character.

  • An internal pivot mechanism enables each block to turn independently, allowing the creation of every possible character.

  • Cube made of ABS plastic.


  • Includes a printed Spanish braille alphabet card.

  • Wrapped in cellophane.

  • Two years manufacturer's warranty.

  • The cuboid has a practical and sturdy metal key chain attached.

This tool is effective and easy to use for both learning and teaching braille.


Product Dimensions
  • Length10.5 cm

  • Width2.8 cm

  • Height2 cm

Package dimensions
  • Length3 cm

  • Width2 cm

  • Height2 cm

  • Weight0.02 kg

More product information

  • MaterialABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Plastic
    Wrapped in cellophane

  • Powered (No / Battery / Electrical)No

  • Returnable (Yes / No)Yes

  • Training recommended (Yes / No)No

1 x Keyring

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