1.8x Visulette (Plastic, round, 65mm)

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  • Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs approved
  • NDIS consumable eligible

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Clear and dome-shaped, this is a magnifier that looks like a paper weight. It is very popular with children and executives because it does not really look like a magnifier. It is also known as a "bright field magnifier" because the lens directs light onto the object being read, making it brighter and easier to see.


  • Provides distortion-free magnification simply by placing the magnifier flat on the page.

  • Provides 1.8x magnification.

  • Offers magnification that does not distort close to the edges of the lens.

  • Comes with protective carry pouch.


  • Inconspicuous and looks like a stylish paperweight rather than a magnifier.

  • Being plastic, it is lighter weight than a glass visulette.

  • It is very popular with children and executives because it does not really look like a magnifier.

This handy magnifier dome sits flat on the page, making it easy to maintain in focus and saves having to hold it off the page. Simply slide along your reading material and the print remains focus. The lens design enables extra light to be directed to the magnified print reducing the need from an extra lamp or light.

Please note

We understand your right to exercise choice and control is essential. Our dedicated experts can assist you with a magnifier recommendation, to ensure the appropriate magnification type and strength is tailored to your needs. To explore funding options or find out more information, please contact your local service provider. We believe in empowering you with our product solutions so you can live the life you choose. 

Risk of fire: Lenses used in optical equipment may cause significant damage through their “burning glass effect,” if used or stored improperly. Ensure that optical lenses are never left uncovered & lying in direct sunlight.


Package dimensions
  • Length8 cm

  • Width8 cm

  • Height6 cm

  • Weight0.2 kg

More product information

  • MaterialAcrylic - Plastic

  • Warranty1 Year

  • Powered (No / Battery / Electrical)No

  • Returnable (Yes / No)Yes

  • Training recommended (Yes / No)No

1 x Visulette
1 x Protective carry pouch